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2019.10.12  やすらぎコムギ

Attended a mining industry summit in Chengdu, China.  Surprisingly realized that the non-local attendees are far more beyond any other blockchain conference in China.  After chatted with the host and other Chinese attendees the reply was the crypyocurrency mining is a solid industry once comparing with the so called "Bi Chuan"(the coin industry in Chinese). The mining is all about cost and return which somehow is crystal clear. The Bi Chuan however especially in China are more flooded with speculation and hitech scam. Which might be a sad truth,  and might be my reason for trusting PoW blockchain. At least there is a mining industry for those projects.

2019.10.12 GEB

最近在研究链上交易并行的策略,和SimpleChain团队的开发同学也有在这个问题上交流。 目前我们的公链一般有UTXO和帐户模型这两类。UTXO模型下,天然地支持交易并行,所以当从交易处理的速度上看,比较迅速。这方面qtum量子链就做出了一些研究,他们将以太坊的虚拟机和UTXO通过一个账号模型的抽象层结合起来,可以说是利用了两者的优势,但是同样的,因为多加了一个中间层,我觉得也有一定的弊端。例如增加了系统的复杂性。在这方面的研究,我搜索到了不少的专利,不少研究机构和团队都在这方面努力。据SimpleChain团队开发同学透露,他们也在研究类似的方案。准备从交易结构和交易互斥这两个角度出发解决这个问题,并且已经获得了一定的进展,后期可能会有相关的发明专利。 我自己作为一名研究人员和爱好者也会持续关注这方面的进展。
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